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31 thoughts on “Welcome

      1. beaver

        The nation will do better in the next four year because Obama
        has kept the U.S, from going into the next great depression.
        I look forward to four more years giving the president the ability to complete his agenda.

        1. Lori Felts

          Are you still happy with how things are going in Washington? He is now delayed Obamacare parts of it so many times I have lost count, if it was such a great law why all the changes. I also am wondering, here is a question for you, if we are so deep in debt $18 trillion now, where is congress & Obama getting the money to help with aide oversea’s. Obama has mentioned many times that he has cut the debt in 1/2 which there is no evidence of that, if he had it would be all over the news and in the paper, which it has not been, so he has done nothing about it, even though he claims otherwise

      2. James S

        The nation doing well is utterly dependent on Obama and the Democrats failing. So here is one hoping that Obama fails. Horribly.

        1. Lisa Jenkins

          What I believe is that Obama is not for the people. He is for the government and what the government needs to grow. There are so many little things that would have made him great president if not for that fact. Gas prices have doubled, the cost of groceries is way up, jobs are way down and people’s salary’s are way down. But he belittles anyone with a differing opinion and let’s Pelosi and Reed do the governing for him. Pretty sad.

      3. Bartender

        I would think, if Obama gets even some of his programs through then WE have failed….. He needs to remember he is president not king!!!! Executive Orders are not to be used on a whim….
        Just a grandpa worried about his kids and grand kids!!!

  1. Dolores

    Have been looking for a site like this where I can see the TRUTH about where we are in defeating the current group who have been destroying our way of life for the past 3 1/2 years

  2. Robert

    Eric: I’m confused. What is a “HAND-UP”??

    In Sunday’s AJC on Page A-2, Donna Cassata’s (AP) article titled “Pick Clarifies Choice For Voters” included the following paragraph that states that Obama “sees government as having an obligation to give a HAND-UP to the less fortunate.”

    I frankly had never heard the term HAND-UP. Nor apparently has Google. Have you?

    Here’s the paragraph…

    President Barack Obama, who repeatedly talks up the November election as a profound choice for the country, has rejected the Ryan approach as “thinly veiled social Darwinism.” The Democrat and former community organizer sees government as having an obligation to give a hand-up to the less fortunate.

    But here is what I found even more interesting and confusing.

    When I Googled Donna Cassata to find out more about her, the same article was listed as it was printed in several other newspapers around the country. In those papers the term HAND-UP was no where to be found! The other versions read that the “former community organizer sees government as a place with enough resources to help the less fortunate”, as shown below:

    Presidents Barack Obama, who repeatedly talks up the November election as a profound choice for the country, has rejected the Ryan approach as “thinly veiled social Darwinism.” The Democrat and former community organizer sees government as a place with enough resources to help the less fortunate.

    I am curious and perhaps naive. How does this happen? Does the AJC feel obligated to inject their own interpretation into Ms. Cassata’s article? My assumption is that the term HAND-UP is the AJC’s attempt to say HAND-OUT in a kinder, gentler way. Would you agree?

    But here’ my question. How does the term HAND-UP only appear in the AJC and most importantly…why?

    Maybe your team could help with an explanation.

  3. Sharan

    What Akon said is what Most Republican men think. You all want to control women’s reproductive lives. The so-called party of small-goverment wants to control the body and uterus of all women. This just another way to keep women down and powerless. If men became pregnant, abortion would be a Sacrament.

  4. Javad Mirzai

    Last week, we saw a disciplined man facing a total mess of dishonesty and rudeness. What was Joe Bidden laughing about? Was it because of the fact that our State and Treasury departments are full of Iranian government agents dictating our foreign policy? Or the fact that the economy is going downward? Congressman Paul Ryan should have said to this partner of the Mullahs that you and your boss are the only ones in the world sending happy birthday message to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The reason this administration can not take a solid stance against the situations in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Libya is the fact that they do not want to offend the regime in Iran. The Iranian regime is the main source of funding and arming terrorists groups. We do not forget the time that Vice President Joe Biden was in the Senate, and was the only one lacking a strong position against the Nuclear activities in Iran. He also hosted Khatami’s group during their trip to New York in 1997. Thus far, to simplify, this administration has given an extra 4 years to the Mullahs to work on their Atomic Bomb. NOW READ THE BOTTOM.

    After being pressured by every one, the Obama administration was forced to act on and get the facts out about the killing of our ambassador in Libya. They have appointed a man to lead this investigation in Benghazi who himself is a close partner to terrorists. His name is Thomas Pickering. He is the previous VP of Boeing who now is the head of a lobbying organization called “HILLS”. This organization works very close with another lobbying group called “NIAC”. Both of these organizations are Iranian government agents whose mission is to ease the tension between the MULLAHS and USA, So the sanctions would drop, and the regime can maneuver better in the world to finish it’s atomic project. This year, he and the previous Iranian ambassador to Germany, Hossain Moosavian, have been holding seminars everywhere to gain grounds for the #1 terrorist government and this administration knows it all. By the way, Khamenei said yesterday that “if Romney is elected, we will be in trouble.”

  5. Sharon Gooding

    I pray for God’s peace for this country, and for him to give President Obama his wisdom. We must come together as a country. God is a God of love and not division.

  6. JKS

    on Friday 11/9/2012 at 5:36Pm Eric talked about a bug in obama health care that can help states to not to implement the exchange and eventully obama care can collaps. I need the whole article what he said to all the republican governors to not to implement and let obama care collaps federally

    send detail info by email

  7. Mike Mckee

    I get a Vision to America newsletter, the one I got on 11/11/12 talks about massive Florida voter fraud. A judge denied Rep. Allen West’s request to impound ballots and voting machines. Eric I say we been snooker by this corrupt Obama administratrion, I believe they have no intentions of ever giving up power by our traditional voting process!! I heard you talk about how bad the Romney campaign was and yes I agree with you about the establishment Republicans. I cannot accept the fact that Americans want more of this kind of Government. I say we take to the streets like the other 3rd world countries did. But in an organized military fashion, make Rep West the General in Command.
    Mike McKee

  8. Mike Mckee

    The country has never done well when the dems have there will. Clinton has Newt and the republicans to thank for his term. I always wish for the country to always do well, we need to ask for Gods will each and every day!!!

  9. NY Republican

    The Red States keep voting for the republicans and ask for smaller goverment when the reality is that the Red States are the majority of the 47% that pay little or no taxes. The majority of Red States get more Federal Aid then they pay in Federal Taxes. Unfortunately states like NY pay far more into the Federal goverment then they get out. It time to stop the Southern Welfare States and cut them off from Federal Aid.

  10. Harry Thomas

    As I was finishing a moderately lengthy comment, EVERYTHING disappeared, with only my home wallpaper display provided. Pls advise if your site has a timeout function or character limit. I suspect nefarious interests here. Also pls advise an email address where I might ATTACH a message instead. Thank you. This comment is NOT to be construed as one of general interest, especially to origin.

  11. concerned county officials

    The percentage of Americans who have a job or are looking for one, known as the labor force participation rate has plunged to a 40-year low, according to a new report from staffing company Adecco.
    Following the Great Recession, we’ve entered into the Great Shift. This is a period defined by millennial frustration and growing reliance on government programs. The New York Times reported on the study and suggested that “another cause may be the rise in the number of workers on disability.”
    A record 8,963,461 people now receive disability benefits, a figure greater than the population of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island combined.
    Today, nearly 95 million Americans are no longer in the labor force.

  12. Ben Conrad

    We need to get rid of the GOP till the neocons are gone. Israel can take care of themselves, after all they have over 800 nukes we GAVE them!!

  13. Rick Manley

    Red States; It’s time to go. Didn’t we separate from England 238 years ago over a long train of abuses and usurpations. What sum of abuses and usurpations did England cast upon us that Obama and the Democratic Party haven’t?

    I say we up and leave. We can even start with the same constitution and the bill or rights. The other amendments will have to be re-thought and debated.


    No IRS,
    No Obamacare,
    No $18,000,000,000,000 of debt,
    We could once again protect our borders,
    Roe v Wade hasn’t been decided yet,
    The opinion of Separation of Church and State doesn’t exist,
    Construction of the Keystone XL pipeline could start tomorrow, etc.

    The Red States would have instant:

    International borders,
    Rail and highway infrastructure,
    Natural resources,
    Energy resources and production,
    Business, and
    States rights.

    To paraphrase George Allen – 24 states and 120 – 130 million people working together can’t lose.



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