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Wind power kills birds. Birds that Greenies are supposedly FOND of.

Look, the news that the extinct-for-the-area white-throated needletail bird had been spotted in Scotland – only to be promptly sucked into a wind turbine, accompanied by the screams of horrified amateur ornithologists – should not be surprising. Wind farms are Giant Scythes Of Swinging Doom, when it comes to birds. The American Bird Conservancy rather desperately wants to support wind power, which is why they’re | Read More

Tech at Night: Apple to make it work where Pandora says it’s impossible. Wikileaks has its own leak problem. IRS targets Open Source Software.

Tech at Night

Wow. Even as it comes out that Apple is going to pay more than Pandora for its coming radio service (which is probably going to be a windfall for small publishers), here’s a great set of answers from Marsha Blackburn on IRFA for conservative activists.

Good news: it only took $5,000 to get a Wikileaks person to… leak information. Ha. More of this, please.

Remember when I shook my head at all those digital libertarians stupid enough to vote for Obama? Well, heh. Now we find the Obama IRS is targeting open source software groups for tax repression. Heh. Told you so.

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We must promote marriage, not just defend it

The Defense of Marriage Act took a big hit at the Supreme Court this week.  We really should be promoting marriage, not just defending it.  But traditional marriage has been on the defensive for a long time, and it’s not just because of the same-sex marriage crusade.  Marriage began looking weak long before anyone thought gay marriage had a chance of obtaining widespread legal sanction.  In fact, | Read More