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‘The President’s All-of-the-Above Energy Strategy’ and Other Self-Delusions

We’ve been having area-wide lease sales over the same portions of the Gulf of Mexico for the last 30 years. Despite this week’s tepid response at the Western GoM Sale (shelf and deepwater offshore Texas, mostly), the press release from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management would have you thinking it was a smashing success. Western Gulf of Mexico Lease Sale Yields $102.4 Million in | Read More

I’m Honored To Be AFP Foundation’s Blogger Of The Year

From the diaries, by Erick Last night, I was honored by being the 2013 recipient of the Andrew Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Activism and Investigative Reporting.  Below are the remarks I gave last night, with a few additions that were cut due time.  Nevertheless, this award was possible due to the support of the many faces I see at these conference every year. | Read More

Tech at Night: NSA roundup. Germany shoots the messenger.

Tech at Night

Never waste a good crisis. Some Eurocrats are looking to use the NSA fearmongering as an excuse to lock down the Internet, and the Obama administration is fighting back because closing off that form of free trade in ideas would hurt everyone, not just themselves. Of course it’s still suspect to believe just anything Edward Snowden has alleged, given reports that he’s a liar.

So even as Microsoft and Google reasonably sue to be able to release non-specific, aggregated data on secret court requests for data, NSA may release its own stats on its programs. This should not be seen as good enough, since FISA covers more than just the NSA.

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