Monthly Archives: September 2013

We get the government we submit to

An old chestnut holds that we get the government we deserve. To some degree, that’s true. The American public has a huge amount of theoretical leverage over its Ruling Class. Broadly speaking, no nominally free population can be eternally bound by any system of laws it profoundly disagrees with. Any aspect of law or government could be changed. The Constitution has been amended many times. But as a practical | Read More

Sign the pledge: Tell Senate Democrats: Dismantle ObamaCare now and Don’t Shut Down The Government!

This weekend, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives listened to the American people and passed a continuing resolution that keeps the government running, delays ObamaCare for a year, and repeals the medical device tax. Unfortunately for Americans, Harry Reid and Senate Democrats couldn’t be bothered to take up the bill this weekend. Harry Reid didn’t even bother to convene for session Monday morning. But they did | Read More

Here Comes Mitch McConnell! #McConnellcare

As conservatives unify behind a solid position, you can always count on Mitch McConnell to quietly come in at the last moment and cut a deal. Most people associate John Boehner with the fiscal cliff and 2011 debt ceiling deals because he was the public figure for most of the debate. But both of those deals were cut by Mitch McConnell with Joe Biden during | Read More