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Arrests, Citations Lurk at Union Group Approved by Obama Admin to Promote ObamaCare in Wisconsin

Among the 165 groups approved by the Obama Administration to promote or set-up ObamaCare in Wisconsin is Wisconsin Jobs Now, a liberal get-out-the-vote group affiliated with the SEIU. According to the federal Department of Health and Human Services, the organization is working as a certified application counselor, or CAC. Numerous individuals who have been employed by Wisconsin Jobs Now or who work there now have | Read More

Immigration Reform: One Tiny Step at a Time


John McCain is pressing for action on comprehensive immigration reform. Conservatives should resist. If Obamacare has taught us anything it is that large solutions cause many more problems than they solve and that the Administration is too dishonest to be trusted. …read more    

Charles C.W. Cooke eviscerates phony libertarian Virginia governor candidate Robert Sarvis.

Come, I will conceal nothing from you: while I am friendly to a lot of libertarian ideas, I am not hard-shelled about it. I am no Lsyander Spooner or Benjamin Tucker. But I do know enough about the subject to know that, say, I was name-dropping some of the old-time thinkers there that the modern anarcho-capitalists like. In other words: I at least know what | Read More