Monthly Archives: October 2013

House Is About To Cave On The Farm Bill


When an egregious porker like Thad Cochran proclaims the House members of the conference committee were “well behaved” you can be sure the Treasury is about to be tapped. …read more    

The Tea Party’s Evolution

On today’s edition of Coffee and Markets, Brad Jackson and Ben Domenech are joined by James Poulos to discuss the zombie Tea Party, how it may evolve and if libertarian populism is its future. …read more    

In Alabama, the Chamber of Commerce Fires Shots Against the Tea Party

I have not really paid attention to the race between Bradley Byrne and Dean Young in Alabama’s first congressional district. But it suddenly flew onto my radar yesterday with news that the Chamber of Commerce is using it as its first base of operations to repel the tea party. The only polling I’ve seen has Young slightly ahead but I am not sure about the | Read More