Monthly Archives: December 2013

Why I #BackBuck and You Should Too

Next year, conservatives have an opportunity to take back the Senate and expand the GOP majority in the House. The stage has been set for another cycle reminiscent of the wave election of 2010. The chance to make D.C. listen is nearly upon us. In Colorado, we have a conservative champion who is not ashamed of his principles, and is proud to stand with conservative | Read More

The independent year

When I talk with anyone who professes to be a political “independent,” I always ask what they imagine they’re still “independent” from. There is less and less room for genuine independence in our dwindling private sector. Of course, the independent voter is generally more interested in declaring his liberation from the two major political parties. Maybe he doesn’t like either of them, or dislikes the | Read More

Let the Big Wind subsidies die.

It doesn’t look good for this particular set of Obama cronies, but you never know. At issue right now is the production tax credit that awards wind developers 2.3 cents for every kilowatt-hour they produce. Last New Year’s Day, after a ferocious debate that occupied a portion of the 2012 presidential debate, Congress passed a one-year extension of the wind-energy credit as part of the | Read More