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MAILBAG: I shall contact the Attorney General

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.46.34 AM

Every day we get hundreds of emails to our contact address, many of these emails are generally supportive, but occasionally there are complaints. When the complaint come, it is my job to assess the complaint and take appropriate action to resolve the same.

Today, I received two emails which asked me to unsubscribe two individuals from our Morning Briefing mailing list. I have attached the contents of the emails below, with last names redacted, for your enjoyment.

For Bill and Kathy, check the image below, which is on every email sent from RedState.

That’s right card carrying MENSA members, you can cancel your own damn subscription.

At any rate, meet Katherine, who intends to file charges against us because she is incapable of clicking an unsub link…

From: Katherine
Date: March 31, 2014 at 9:50:21 AM MDT
To: “”

Remove my name and e-mail from your list.






K. L. [last name redacted] (energetic feminist)

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If I receive any more trash from you, I shall contact the Attorney General.

So, you are saying you are a Democrat. Ok. Now please explain to me what an energetic feminist is. Actually, don’t.

Oh, and AG Eric Holder is already fully aware of our little blog.

As for Bill, well, he just wants us all to get along.

From: Bill
Subject: Unsubscribe me please!
Date: March 31, 2014 at 7:46:41 AM MDT
To: “”

Let us find a way to work toward solving some of our problems.
The blame game goes both ways.
We live in a complex world.
We need fairness and serious attempts at solving our problems.
The hatred and scare tactics helps no one.

Please give me a chance to unsubscribe your harmful tirades,

Thank You,


It is a big complex world, yet Bill has managed to find a way to simplify it for all of us haters. Personally, I hope Bill reaches out to Katherine about her scare tactics.

Consider this an open thread.

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Oooh, those scary Koch Brothers and their AFP minions!

First, watch these two Americans for Prosperity (AFP) ads: they will show you exactly what the Democratic party is up against this year.

Spoiler warning: the Democrats have got nothing currently up that can beat either.

Anyway, National Review has a nice article (via Instapundit) up about the extremely sophisticated, long-term ad campaign that is producing gut punches like the above: and I particularly want to note the excerpt below, just because it needs highlighting.

[Sean] Noble and his team at [Center to Protect Patient Rights], which functioned out of the office of his consulting firm, DC London, in Washington, D.C., also worked with Americans for Prosperity and several other groups to turn out voters opposed to the emerging bill at the town-hall forums that senators were hosting in their home states during the 2009 August recess. “We knew we had to make that summer absolute hell,” Noble says.

Local AFP chapters activated their networks, and CPPR placed calls to seniors who were considered Republican base voters, people over the age of 65 who had voted consistently in GOP primaries, urging them to come out to the town halls and arming them with talking points… “We packed these town halls with people who were just screaming about this thing,” Noble recalls. Scenes from those meetings, of constituents blowing up at their elected representatives and of public forums descending into chaos, blanketed the news throughout August.

It’s because of stuff like this that the Democrats keep screaming about how the entire Tea Party movement is a tool of the Koch Brothers, and why the Left gets genuinely upset when their argument fails to resonate among more, ah, reality-based folks. You see, the Left has always had everything it needed for a successful populist movement except for actual people. Their ‘popular movements’ (scare quote and sneer deliberate) have always relied on paid protesters and blanket coalitions, all diligently slaving away to puff up the cause du jour. To them, ‘arming people with talking points’ is semantically equivalent to ‘You will say this, and only this, and you will not break character for a minute.’ That it could mean, say, ‘Here are the specific things that this Member of Congress did to support the bill that you already hate with a white-hot passion’ never seems to occur to the average Democratic activist, in much the same way that a person with monochromatic vision may have difficulty …read more    

Obama Releases Criminal Aliens, Most Republicans Yawn

alien release data

What happens when Republicans fuel the fire of Obama’s open borders agenda? He takes the prerogative to release dangerous illegal aliens onto our streets with no threat of political reprisal.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials last year released 68,000 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions, undercutting Democratic claims that President Obama has strictly enforced immigration laws.

An internal Department of Homeland Security document compiling statistics on arrests and deportations in 2013 showed that ICE agents encountered 193,357 illegal immigrants with criminal convictions but issued charging documents for only 125,478. More than 67,800 were released.

The data came from an end-of-year “Weekly Departures and Detention Report.” [The Hill]

Liberals in both parties claim they want to fight against those illegals who are dangerous to society. Yet, this latest report lays waste to that claim.

The Center for Immigration Studies has tabulated the data and breaks down the releases by major city:

With this report in mind, it’s important to remember that the point of contention is not just about granting amnesty to those already here. The leaders of the political class believe in open borders as an ends to itself. All of their platitudes about securing the border are window dressing and vacuous gestures that they have no intention of actually implementing.

James Madison vested the House with control of the purse strings for a reason. If Obama is going to continue to use the Department of Homeland Security to erase our border and endanger our citizens, Republicans should refuse to fund DHS without passing the appropriate riders to defund Obama’s catch and release policy.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for any outrage from Republican leadership.

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