Aaron Woolf’s (D CAND, New York-21) cruel exploitation of his own partisans.


…The answer is: very, very wickedly. But I get ahead of myself.

Background: New York’s 21st district. After the dust, thunder, and occasional bare-knuckle brawl in an alley that was the 2010 NY redistricting died down, NY-23′s Rep. Bill Owens jumped into this new seat… and won in a bare squeaker against Matt Doheny. Rep. Owens subsequently decided to retire after this term, which is a major reason why the open seat is generally considered a tossup (well, that and the fact that it’s R+2). This year it’s Republican Elise Stefanik against Democrat Aaron Woolf, and there’s an interesting wrinkle there.

We start this story off with a most curious letter to the editor last Friday to the Watertown Daily Times, in which a fellow by the name of Michael Flynn (keep track of that name) demands to know Ms. Stefanik’s current dating history. …No, really.

“Does Elise Stefanik have a private relationship with anyone?”

As an independent political analyst, voter and supporter of Aaron Woolf, I made this observation in the comments section of the Watertown Daily Times’s website. Please note that I am not in any formal way affiliated with the Aaron Woolf campaign, and seek neither its approval or encouragement for anything I write. I am doing what I’ve done the last three congressional races as an observer and an independent political observer at that: just looking to evaluate events on a daily basis.

You’ll see in a moment why I quoted that second paragraph, and bolded that text. Anyway, seeing as the only proper answer to that is None of your goram business, Sparky (go ask Dr. Judith Steinberg how she felt about having to be dragged into her husband’s* Presidential campaign in 2004, whether she wanted to be or not) the blow-back was immediate:

And Michael Flynn did not like that. He did not like that at all. Which is why he’s now claiming, via the comments section of local (and locally important) New York blog Mayor Graham’s View, that the Woolf campaign encouraged him to write that letter. And possibly even encouraged him to seek the Woolf campaign’s approval, contra the aforementioned bolded part above.

Now, let us talk about how the sausage is made. Jeff Graham (the guy who runs Mayor Graham’s View) is completely correct when he notes that Letters to the Editor are rarely truly spontaneous representations of the popular …read more    

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