Lena Dunham message aimed at the key “stupid women” demographic


As we get closer to the November elections, flopsweat is beginning to set in among Democrats. All evidence shows that not only are voters looking more favorably upon the GOP, whether from adherence to principle or abhorrence of Obama, and the intensity of GOP voters is much higher than that measured among potential Democrat voters. The only chance that the Democrats have in November is in convincing a demographic that is notoriously fickle in non-presidential years to show up to vote.

Enter Lena Dunham.

I don’t know much about Dunham other than she’s been able to make a fairly profitable career off convincing people that watching a plain, dumpy girl get naked and have simulated sex on television is entertaining (well, it could be) and of social significance (it isn’t).* In turn, she’s attempted to parlay this rather slender claim to fame into a position as a spokesperson for other plain, dumpy, and promiscuous girls and the low-achieving douchebag hipsters who lust after them.

She burst upon the political scene in 2012 with a campaign commercial in which she compared voting for Obama to losing one’s virginity:

“Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody,” says Dunham. “You wanna do it with a great guy … Someone who really cares about and understands women.”

She lists many qualities that make President Barack Obama not just a qualified candidate for a female voter, but would be appreciated in a boyfriend or a husband – such as caring about birth control and equal pay.

She’s back and writing on a Planned Parenthood affiliated blog called “Women Are Watching.” Her latest attempt at relevance is called: 5 Reasons Why I Vote (and You Should Too). Somehow, Dunham managed to completely ignore the concept of “civic responsibility.” In fact, her five reasons can actually be boiled down to three: narcissism, free stuff and sex. Surprised, right?

And it leaves the reader with the inescapable conclusion that she, and Planned Parenthood, think young women are stupid.

Objectively, abortion had nothing to do with either the concept of feminism or women’s place in society. Every year about a million viable babies are killed. They are primarily killed to provide an income stream to Planned Parenthood so they can pay amoral predators like Dunham in order to keep the gravy train in action.

I am not interested in anyone’s sex life other than my own. Really. Dunham’s insistence that having your employer pay for …read more    

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