Lobbyist advises GOP to spend big and think small

boneless pork rectums

GOP estabishment politics is the epitome of a “green” industry. Nothing is ever thrown away. Baby poo is repackaged as butterscotch and sold to unsuspecting voters. Pathetic losers resurface time and again making the same mistakes over and over and collecting checks in the process. A prime example of this is a guy like John Feehery. Feehery used to work for go-along-get-along icon Bob Michel and was pushed aside during the 1994 Republican Revolution. As Erick says,

[Feehery] then weaseled his way back into power in Hastert’s office. Then we lost power. Hmmmm . . .

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Since then he has proven himself the voice of true conservatism by supporting Arlen Specter over Pat Toomey… because Toomey just can’t win in Pennsylvania.

This is gut-check time for the Republican Party. They can be serious about taking back the Congress, or they can look good losing. Pat Toomey may be ideologically pure, but he can’t win in Pennsylvania. If he could, John Cornyn wouldn’t be taking such a strong position for Specter (and against Toomey).

Arlen Specter can be a maddening figure to many conservatives, but he sides with the Republican leadership more often than not, and for the GOP to have any chance to take back the Senate a year from November, they need his seat to stay Republican.

Likewise he supported Charlie Crist as being “more electable” than Marco Rubio. In 2012, while Mitt Romney was running up margins of+19 in North Dakota and +14 in Montana, the “electable” Rick Berg and Danny Rehberg lost by -1 and -4 respectively. In February 2009, he wrote a rather dickish op-ed in Politico slamming Rush Limbaugh. Today it is even more of a head-scratcher than it was at the time, especially in light of the 2010 elections, because clearly Rush has done more for the GOP than Feehery and a dozen of his coziest lobbyist butt-buddies.

None of this has hurt Feehery’s credibility with the GOP establishment. After Eric Cantor lost his primary to the “unelectable” David Brat, Kevin McCarthy became the new majority leader and Steve Scalise was elected majority whip. The first thing Scalise did was bring in Feehery to help select his staff. (An extensive, though partial, list of Feehery’s anti-conservative, big government positions are at that link, all RedState commentary on Feehery can be found here.)
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