Nationalism “Yes!” Separatism “No!”

Succession will not succeed

The Scots rose up yet again against the oppressors from London. They held a vote to decide whether or not to dissolve their ties with the United Kingdom yesterday. The bag-pipes wailed and the claymores were sharpened. In Glasgow they appeared set to Caber Toss about 3 centuries of membership in the UK and strike out on their own. Alas, me Laddies! When the votes were counted in Edinburgh and Fife, it was Bloody Flodden all over again. History didn’t quite repeat itself, but it still continues to rhyme. The Scots were once more hammered.

No matter how likely the Scots were to politically and economically become the North Korea of the Anglosphere, I can totally sympathize with why they wanted to ditch the modern, dehumanized nation-state. Anyone who has some days had it up to here with Generica, Home of the Reprocessed Cheeseburger, can understand Scotland’s desire to quit Mediocre Britain. The modern, sanctimonious Castrati-State kills the very soul of man if it rampages over all individualism, faith and inner meaning unchecked. So what do? Does the South rise again? Does the Republic of Texas exercise it’s secessionist put-option? Does the Hartford Convention reconvene and select Howard Dean to be Dear Leader? Should The Nine Nations of North America become the nine nations of North America? No, we saw that movie play out last night.

I say all of this because it wouldn’t quite be such a repetition of the obvious. We’ve become The Land of The EBT Card and The Home of Type II Diabetes, to the point where a large minority of the population wouldn’t mind seeing the colors struck, the bald eagle grounded and Old Glory given a decent burial in the backyard somewhere near where they interred the beloved family dog. Reuters describes the sentiment below.

Some 23.9 percent of Americans polled from Aug. 23 through Sept. 16 said they strongly supported or tended to support the idea of their state breaking away, while 53.3 percent of the 8,952 respondents strongly opposed or tended to oppose the notion.

Succession will not succeed. There will be no glorious military uprising against the Tyranny of The Diversity Matrons and The Gods of the Copybook Headings. Even what Salmond …read more    

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