President Obama Channels Ethelred The Unready

Ethelred and BHO; Two Ugly Mugs.

Ethelred and BHO; Two Ugly Mugs.

Barack Obama has convinced me. I am newly converted. I have seen the light. War is not the answer – particularly if Barack Obama is Commander-In-Chief. He is the Modern Western analog to an old English Monarch. He is America’s answer to Ethelred The Unready. Unlike King Ethelred, he has no excuse for being poorly advised. He chose his own team of experts. Chuck Hagel, Hillary Clinton, John F. Kerry and Valerie Jarret are all his own personal hires. His degrees are from Columbia and Harvard. There is no acceptable reason for his failure to prepare for the crisis occurring now in The Middle East with ISIS. If this man leads our armed forces; we should not engage our soldiers, sailors, airmen or marines in any combat operation unless the United States is directly attacked. Otherwise, it would be utter moral malpractice to place the lives of our military personnel in the hands of
anyone so personally unwilling to do what is necessary to lead America into the future.

We ultimately will be drawn into a war against ISIS. They will feel emboldened to attack us. Paticularly when we are ruled by a man who is too foolish to admit that The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has much of anything to do with Islam. The hope here in my heart is that two years will pass before they are so brave and somebody with a decent set of ethics and morals will reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to lead us to war against the sick and degenerate infidels who behead, mutilate and crucify their victims on behalf of ISIS. President Obama’s recent speech on his strategy to combat ISIS is prima-face evidence that he has no business being in charge of any such conflict. A doppelganger capable of writing plain English hijacked David Frum’s column at The Atlantic and properly critiqued President Obama’s Night-Before-The-Paper-Was-Due Address below.

Barack Obama’s address Wednesday on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria was surprisingly terrible: a disorganized mess, insincere and unconvincing.

Frum replaces Obama’s Doublespeak answers to simple, obvious questions with plain translations. Here is a flavor of just how completely banal Mr. Frum found The Commander-In-Chief’s latest GHG emission of a speech for the masses.

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