Seeking Attorney! Startling New Craigslist Ad Surfaces


President Obama is a new kind of President, we’ve been told. His staff is young and inexperienced, his ideas are new and terrible, and his campaign has revolutionized the way politicians reach the lowest common denominator.

From Obamacare ads to hashtag activism, this White House uses the cool new way to do everything. It’s all about the internet, because that is young and hip and not very much work.

Today, it appears the administration has begun the search for a new Attorney General in that very same internetty way. They’ve posted to craigslist.

RedState is proud to break the news and bring you: The Brand New Attorney General Wanted Ad!

Man, do they keep it real? Or do they keep it REAL!? So get your resumes ready, internet, it could be YOU sitting in front of a congressional hearing next!

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