The piecemeal presidency

How bad are President Obama’s poll numbers? So bad that the poll-crazed media has essentially stopped talking about them, as the Media Research Center noticed on Monday. Last week’s cataclysmic Gallup poll was given zero coverage on the Big Three networks. They scarcely bother to report their own partnership polls.

That’s quite a contrast with the way polls were used to drive news coverage of the Bush lame-duck years. The latest ABC News/Washington Post poll is entitled “Obama Hits a New Low for Leadership, With Criticism on ISIS & Immigration Alike.” Imagine the kind of narrative that would be hung around a Republican president’s neck with polling like that. Instead, the media alternates between hoping for a Comeback Kid moment, and arguing with the voters over their unfair impressions of The Precious. Don’t you know presidents are always in touch, even when they’re on the golf course? What could any President do better to deal with ISIS?

What’s interesting about the most recent round of polling is that Obama is underwater on nearly every issue, even as Congress hits major lows right behind him. This is an indication of both general unhappiness with the system, and the level of sheer divisiveness we’ve grown accustomed to in the Obama years. He’s deliberately divisive, constantly setting groups of Americans at each other’s throats. The government he presides over is never at fault for anything, and of course Obama himself has never taken responsibility for a single event during the past six years. Various private-sector villains and nefarious Republicans are behind everything that goes wrong. Obama’s proposed solutions invariably involve making the government larger, richer, and more powerful… which sounds less and less appealing to a public that has watched one titanic Big Government disaster after another roll past in an avalanche of failure.

The ABC/WaPo poll specifically hits both Obama and congressional Republicans for divisiveness: “While Americans by 55-38 percent say Obama has done more to divide than to unite the country, that expands to a 63-27 percent negative view of the Republicans in Congress on the same question.”

I doubt most of those poll respondents could name a single congressional Republican except for their own representatives, and quite a few of them wouldn’t even be able to name either of their senators. There’s no Republican figure who has the …read more    

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