We Are No Longer a Serious People

President Barack Obama’s address to the nation last night on the threat of ISIS and his strategy to deal with it demonstrated clearly that the American people are no longer a serious people. Prior to the speech, I gave serious consideration to a point by point analysis. After reading the text of the speech, I decided that it was really not worth the effort. The speech was simply a parade of clichés and buzzwords strung together by someone pretending to be a Commander in Chief. As Erick Erickson demonstrated here, the president’s remarks were not even supported by his own intelligence community or by previous remarks made by the same president and his administration. The problem however goes a lot deeper than just President Obama and the feminized elite with which he surrounds himself. It reveals a larger society that is simply no longer serious about the things needed for that society to survive.

A good case in point is the condition of diplomatic and military history programs on the university campus. In the aftermath of World War II and the advent of the Cold War, diplomatic and military history programs blossomed as society took seriously the challenges of the postwar world and the survival of western civilization. Unfortunately, as with many good things, that all began to change in the 1960s and for the past five decades, diplomatic and military history programs have largely been in decline. When one of the finest military historians of the era, Dr. Edward M. Coffman, retired from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the administration dropped their emphasis on military history and replaced him on the faculty with a political hack from the Clinton administration. The incident has been repeated at numerous universities. Outside of a maybe a half-a-dozen schools, comprehensive military history programs simply do not exist anymore. This is a dangerous trend because diplomatic and military history deals with issues of national survival – and that is simply not taught anymore to the general public. Everyone, including liberals, claim that war is a serious business, but it is not serious enough for us to teach it and strive to learn from it.

General American history and Western Civilization courses are little better. Many of the professors in these courses simply ignore politics and war to focus …read more    

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