CDC incompetence and dishonesty continue


If someone wanted to set off a public health panic in the United States they could do worse than hiring CDC Director Tom Frieden and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to set it in motion. If a year ago someone had told me that in 2014 we would be seriously concerned about the spread of a tropical disease, found only in a handful of countries in sub-Saharan Africa, hosted by animals not found in North America, I would have laughed in their face. In fact, two months ago I did laugh in people’s face over their worries. But thanks to the Nobel Douche Prize level of incompetence and sheer, overweening institutional hubris the CDC has succeeded in turning a non-problem into a public health crisis.

What could CDC have done differently? Other than commit mass suicide in atonement, I mean.

Back to the basics.

From age immemorial, nations and communities have recognized that people with a disease more often than not. In medieval times lepers were required to wear a bell to warn other people to stay clear. The term yellow jack, for yellow fever, comes from the requirement that any ship with a case of yellow fever on board fly a plain yellow signal flag, a “yellow jack”, to warn off other ships. When foreign ships entered harbors, a doctor had to certify the ship as being disease free before the crew or cargo could disembark. This was all prior to anyone knowing about germs. In fact, that is how Ebola has been treated in Africa prior to this outbreak when nice white people mobilized to show the locals how it is really done.

Ebola is spread through personal contact… and contact with “bushmeat.” The latter, outside areas of Louisiana and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan really isn’t a huge issue. There is an easy way to stop personal contact. Prevent persons from contacting you. The failure to the United States government to impose travel restrictions at the outset and to obdurately persist in this stupidity remains a failure that, were competence actually a requirement to work in CDC, should have resulted in the firing of everyone signing off on this decision. The fact is that the nations neighboring countries with active Ebola outbreaks have banned travel. British Airways and Air France have curtailed flights from those nations. We are single handedly working to defeat public health measures imposed …read more    

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