Eric Holder’s Career, The Users And The Used

How Eric Holder Collects His Money Pile

You are not Mary’s cause. . . you are just a vote. . . . You are a means to an end. – Elbert Guillory

Elbert Guillory nails to a tee the extent to which elected “populist” Progressives use impoverished and often specifically minority voters to ride the gravy train and never have to rule in a responsible fashion. His ad describing what has happened to communities that have overwhelmingly supported Mary Landrieu for Senate is education in the form of a 2:30 Lightning Bolt of Truth. The longer form of this tragic lesson can be seen in the recent career arc of the Performance Artist formerly known as Attorney General Eric Holder.

You see back when Holder was still tending the pipes as Scandal-Goalie for the Obama White House, there was a police shooting in Ferguson, MO that had strong racial overtones. A white officer shot a black youth and the community exploded in anger. Here was a crisis Progressivism couldn’t afford to let go to waste. It was show time for the man Chuck Todd claimed was apolitical. The Victory Girls describe how Holder attempted to escalate the situation as much as possible for use as a political issue.

In August, Attorney General Holder made a flying visit to Ferguson, MO. It was a busy visit filled with hugs for MO Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson, telling students and adults about his own racial profiling adventures, penning an Op-Ed for St. Louis Today, ordering two federal investigations, and doing his very best to “ease” tensions for Ferguson.

The LA Times describes his personal animus that lurked in the penumbra of everything he did or said during his August of Agitprop.

“He believes maybe showing the flag will help quell the tension,” the official said. “The attorney general has always been about race, and it happens here that the victim is black and the police officer is white. Yet one wonders how much that is playing a part in his extraordinary decision to go ahead with this.” Another official, also speaking anonymously, said the situation could reach a tipping point where federal criminal charges would be the only way to vindicate Holder’s public comments and show that the federal government is serious.

But then after the flashbulbs stop popping and the time for gripping and grinning amongst the non-political ones was …read more    

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