Follow the Money: Susan G. Komen

Pink is now one of the traditional colors of fall, having joined the shades of reds, oranges and yellows. The lion’s share of the credit is due to Susan G. Komen’s brilliant branding of Breast Cancer Awareness Month during October. From small lapel pins and ribbons to uniforms and equipment on the football field, the color pink has become synonymous with Komen’s and others’ efforts to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research, a worthy and important cause which affects 232,000 women every year.

Komen’s stated goals and marketing abilities are admirable, and it has struck a chord with men and women across the country since breast cancer has affected so many. However good the cause, Komen’s activities beyond the pink campaign doesn’t reflect the values and conscience of the conservatives who make up a good portion of their donor and volunteer base.

An in-depth examination of Komen shows disbursements and support for causes that should concern many conservatives, particularly its long-standing relationships with organizations that promote and perform abortions. In 2012, the organization faced a steady stream of criticism for their connections to Planned Parenthood. In response, Komen announced the cessation of funding grants to Planned Parenthood, and the wrath of abortion advocates such as NARAL was overwhelming. Unfortunately, Komen bowed to the pressure of the abortion provider just days later and continued to allow its affiliates to fund Planned Parenthood programs through grants.

Not as well known, but just as troubling of a connection is with the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), whose global parent organization has specifically urged world governments to “broaden legal ground for permitted and safe abortions.” Furthermore, the YWCA is also a member of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, a gun control advocacy group that promotes an anti-2nd Amendment agenda.

Conservatives looking for alternatives to Komen would be surprised to learn that they are not the only actors involved with Planned Parenthood. The American Cancer Society, who, like Komen, has engaged in public initiatives with the NFL, has likewise funded programs for the left-wing giant.

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute both have remained neutral on public-policy issues, including abortion and the 2nd Amendment. Furthermore, BCRF and Dana-Farber received the highest ratings from Charity Navigator based on the percentage of donations that go directly towards the organizations’ missions. In other words, these charities are sending a greater percentage of each contribution directly …read more    

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