I am a recovering TV addict.

I grew up with the TV on. It was my companion. If I was studying, cooking, or pretty much anything else the television was on as a welcome sound in the background. But I grew out of it over time, television interested me less and less, and I just simply got busier.

But I try to keep a few distractions going. Arrow and Elementary have been two of them. Downton Abbey slips in there too. I don’t like the movie network television shows like Game of Thrones simply because I find them needlessly vulgar and gory — they do it because they can, not because it adds to them.

Along with Arrow, I have been excited for the Flash to premiere. The CW gets the DC series well. I find it fascinating that as well as Marvel does Movies where DC fails, DC does well at television shows, or at least has on the CW.

Fox has taken on Gotham, a series from the DC comic universe of Batman’s city, before Batman exists. The series starts with Dr. & Mrs. Wayne being gun downed. It is, for all intents and purposes, a police procedural.

I have eagerly anticipated this series since I first heard buzz of its creation last year. Batman is the best comic book super hero and Gotham’s story in and of itself should provide a lot of material.

Having watched all the episodes now out, I am impressed by the show’s potential, generally entertained by what I have seen, but left with a few concerns.

Let me start with what I think it gets wrong.

First, I think the Penguin’s character, which they are developing in the first season, is done well, but with more gratuitous blood splattering than need be. The scene in the Suburban comes to mind. I first presumed the character would become the Joker, given his homicidal behaviors coupled with laughing. But this particular sociopath being developed will eventually be the Penguin as we know him. I’m excited to watch this development, if not the gratuitous blood.

Second, the show is relentless dark and depressing. Batman tended to be that way, but then there was Batman who would swoop in, kick ass, and save the day. He’s not around yet. Ben McKenzie as Jim Gordon has a lot going …read more    

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