It’s Like a Gang Land Initiation

The man who beheaded that lady in Oklahoma is a recent convert to Islam.

The Canadians suffered a terrorist attack today by a recent convert to Islam. The day before they had another attack by a recent convert of Islam.

I don’t remember ever hearing about a recent convert to Christianity shooting up a government building, killing a soldier, or beheading anyone.

But if you read most press reports, Christians are ruthless bigots out to control women’s bodies and don’t you dare judge Islam by the acts of a bunch of recent converts, the popularity of ISIS among muslims in Europe, the Middle Eastern states that deny women basic rights and kill gays and fund foot soldiers in terror to blow up embassies, shoot up night clubs, and fly planes into tall buildings.

Nope. Christians are a problem and you are bigot for daring to connect the dots on Islam. Just ask Ben Affleck, bigot.

In Rotherham, England, over a period of years muslim men routinely gang raped young, white English girls. The local authorities were so fearful of stirring up ethnic tension that they turned a blind eye to it.

The authorities and media were so held hostage to political correctness they could not confront the problem. To this day many of the major press reports have bypassed any talk of it being muslim men.

I believe here too, both Republican and Democrat leaders and the national press corps are so held hostage to political correctness they have Stockholm Syndrome with it. They will not confront the truth.

Canadians have no such problem. They are openly calling these terrorist acts. They are pointing out that it is recent converts to Islam who are doing this. And anyone who knows geography knows the largest unsecured border on earth is between the United States and Canada.

We don’t need to fortify that border, thankfully. We have grown ups in Canada who recognize the problem. Nathan Cirillo died today because of an Islam radical terrorist. A western society devoid of any meaning except hedonism is going to see more young men and women flirt with things that give them a meaning. People are more than an accident in the universe. They are created in the image of a living God. The natural impulse of man is to connect with that voice that …read more    

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