Jaylen Fryberg, WA School Shooter: Where Was Grace?


What are we to do with this latest school shooting tragedy? Unlike the killings in Oklahoma City and Ottawa, Canada, this was no terrorist or self-proclaimed warrior carrying out a religious fatwa. Jaylen Fryberg was a 14-year-old boy. He could be my son, or anyone’s. This is really a tragedy, every bit as much as the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary almost two years ago. Except that by all accounts, Jaylen Fryberg was no mentally ill recluse. He was an outgoing, smart, athletic boy who was named freshman homecoming king at his school.

There are no words to erase the sorrow the parents of the dead and wounded teenagers. I only have prayers for those being treated for their wounds. Those parents don’t care about political statements, the news media, or gun rights at this hour. They only want their children to recover. Two teenagers dead, four wounded, at least three fighting for their lives.

What drives a young teenager to do this? First of all, it has nothing whatsoever to do with hunting. Those photos of Fryberg holding a 14-point buck for the camera are simply what teenagers in rural America do—they hunt. A boy’s skill at firing a rifle and hitting a deer are irrelevant to shooting a table full of his friends at point blank range with a pistol, then turning the pistol on himself.

It also has nothing whatsoever to do with firearms training. James Holmes had little or no firearm training and purchased 4,000 rounds of ammunition online, practicing only a few times before his deadly spectacle in Aurora. The companies that sold him the ammunition are now being sued for selling to a “crazed, homicidal killer.” (Note: he wasn’t homicidal until he committed the act).

This tragedy has everything to do with passion and despair. The passion of a brokenhearted 14-year-old experiencing his first breakup. Possibly she left him for another friend. Fryberg tweeted his grief.

Did you forget she was my girlfriend?

— Jaylen Fryberg (@frybergj) September 19, 2014

Your gonna piss me off… And then some shits gonna go down and I don’t think you’ll like it… — Jaylen Fryberg (@frybergj) August 20, 2014

For anyone who’s ever lost a girlfriend (or boyfriend) to their best friend, that is some …read more    

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