Liberal Vs. Progressive: Reality Vs. Delusion On ISIS.

The Obama Fan Club Rests Safe From Reality

I included the Youtube scene from the Movie Cloverfield for reasons other than the fact that I truly enjoy popping that DVD into my machine during a long flight. It also gives us a nice analogy to how America’s current Democratic Party reelection campaign of ineffective and symbolic airstrikes against ISIS has actually worked so far in suppressing the latest incarnation of Middle Eastern menace. It hasn’t. It won’t. We here at could have told you that. I already did in rather provocative and obnoxious fashion.

What has caught my interest is the growing fault line between Leftists who chant whatever Eucharist Emperor Barack I gives them permission to vapidly spew today and those forced to acknowledge that at least some reality doesn’t come with a pre-ordained Liberal bias. First we get to hear from Minister of Propaganda Madame Brazile. Her exquisite Twitter Feed has offered us the following in ironclad denial.

GOP’s scheme to frighten America: 4-point plan of Ebola, Secret Service, Border, ISIS
— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) October 11, 2014

And Oh yes, her Twitter Feed idiocy couldn’t be complete without utter condescending racism towards lower income voters of The Dreaded Caucasian Persuasion….

For all of you so called “hillbillies” sending the usual frothing of the mouth comments: your words simply don’t impress anyone. #seriously*
— Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) September 2, 2014

I guess her list of backwoods, cousin-pluking “hillbillies” will have to include the likes of Richard Cohen as of this recent effort entitled “A President Lacking Menace.” While he hasn’t quite suggested that President Obama borrow one of Ian Anderson’s old codpieces as a stage prop, he has suggested that perhaps His Most Grandiloquent Emperor of Hollyorc needs to develop a Presidential presence.

I take the Vietnam analogy/precedent seriously. But I also take seriously how one of those uncontrollable events was Nixon’s replacement by Ford. And I take even more seriously the Iranian nuclear program and Iran’s apparent foot-dragging. Will they be deterred by Obama? Did they notice how he called for Bashar al-Assad to go, but left it at that?

Reliably Liberal and normally Pro-Obama, Eugene Robinson is no more enamored with Operation Senate Blitzkrieg than Richard Cohen. In a recent Washington Post Piece entitled “Our failing war against the Islamic State” he complains that we don’t have a logical strategy or …read more    

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