Rewriting the Berlin Wall

berlin wall

Every once in a while you read something that is so stunning that at first you think you’ve misread it. Such an article ran yesterday in Foreign Policy Journal. The article, The Berlin Wall – Another Cold War Myth, by aged commie William Blum,

is a masterpiece of the dishonesty and balderdash that Western communists have always used to obscure their support for slavery and genocide. What are those myths?

Myth #1: The Wall was built to keep East Germans in.

Commie truth: West Berlin had it coming.

The West was bedeviling the East with a vigorous campaign of recruiting East German professionals and skilled workers, who had been educated at the expense of the Communist government. This eventually led to a serious labor and production crisis in the East. As one indication of this, the New York Times reported in 1963: “West Berlin suffered economically from the wall by the loss of about 60,000 skilled workmen who had commuted daily from their homes in East Berlin to their places of work in West Berlin.”

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Myth #2: Commies were bad.

Commie truth: West Berlin had coming.

During the 1950s, American coldwarriors in West Germany instituted a crude campaign of sabotage and subversion against East Germany designed to throw that country’s economic and administrative machinery out of gear. The CIA and other US intelligence and military services recruited, equipped, trained and financed German activist groups and individuals, of West and East, to carry out actions which ran the spectrum from juvenile delinquency to terrorism; anything to make life difficult for the East German people and weaken their support of the government; anything to make the commies look bad.

The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, of Washington, DC, conservative coldwarriors, in one of their Cold War International History Project Working Papers (#58, p.9) states: “The open border in Berlin exposed the GDR [East Germany] to massive espionage and subversion and, as the two documents in the appendices show, its closure gave the Communist state greater security.”

The Berlin Wall was not brought on by the daily commute of a few thousand skilled workers into West Berlin. The Wall was a direct response to the fact that the open border with West Berlin had enabled an estimated 3.5 million East Germans from other areas to escape to freedom. This did not make Uncle Joe’s communist Eden look very good. Once the Wall was established it created a virtual free-fire zone …read more    

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