Some things we’re not allowed to know until after the election

If you’re wondering who the next Attorney General of the United States might be, following the departure of Eric “Stonewall” Holder, you’ll have to wait until after the elections. Senate Democrats demanded the White House keep the name under wraps until they drag themselves past the 2014 midterms. That tells you the names they’ve been hearing through back channels from the White House wouldn’t bring a round of applause from states with tight Senate races. There’s no logical reason to keep the name secret – it’s pure politics, and purely a move to ensure the American people don’t have a chance to respond to the choice at the ballot box. How fitting: even Holder’s replacement is kept behind a stone wall.

Likewise, there’s no logical reason for next year’s ObamaCare premiums to be kept secret until after the elections… but into the vault they go. This, again, tells you everything you need to know about what those rates will be. Some of the biggest rumored premium hikes will hit states with nail-biter elections, including Alaska, Iowa, and Louisiana. We certainly don’t want voters in those states to see double-digit increases in their insurance costs before they march to the polls, do we? They might do something rash.

Remember when President Obama made a huge deal about how the termination of his “middle class tax cut” (actually a raid on Social Security funding) would be the end of the world, because it would take $40 out of people’s paychecks? He even had a Twitter hashtag for his political campaign, “#40Dollars”. If you’re having a hard time recalling all that, it’s because Obama completely lost interest in this “tax cut” during the fiscal cliff drama, and his pet media obligingly forgot he ever said anything about the horrors of losing forty bucks from your paycheck. Well, now he expects people to lose a lot more than $40 due to jacked-up ObamaCare premiums and soaring deductibles, but those folks don’t get any sympathy at all. They don’t even get the courtesy of timely information about what they’re going to pay next year.

Another little episode you’re not supposed to remember is Obama’s dubiously legal trade of five Taliban big shots for captured Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, who left his post because, as John Goodman described his prison break in “Raising Arizona,” he …read more    

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