The Democrats’ Degradation of Women

I’m so tired of Obama and his Democrats continually getting away with their hypocritical “war on women” campaign. They raise this tired and false meme over and over. And with the help of the biased media wing of the Democrats’ party you seldom heear about the the real war against women — the Democrats’ barrage of demeaning comments about female Republican candidates.

So I was thrilled this morning to see that the good folks at the Republican National Committee (RNC) released a new video, “Democrats Degrade Women,” highlighting how Democrats have insulted Republican female candidates during this election cycle.

It’s good to see the RNC call out Democrats for their war against Republican ladies.

North Carolina Democrat gubernatorial candidate Vincet Sheheen called Gov. Nikki Haley a “whore” at a campaign event. As you see in the video, Sheheen appeared gleeful, rather remorseful about the insult. Like Sheheen said, “Think about it y’all”

In New York 21st Congressional District millionaire Democratic Aaron Woolf attacked Republican Elise Stefanik for never having worked a manual labor job, “You’ve lived a I don’t know if you have ever worked manually for a living like I have.

As RNC Co-Chairman Sharon Day puts it, Americans are tired of Democrats insults:

“Democrat candidates are getting increasingly desperate in the final days before the midterm election as they continue to attack female candidates with misleading stereotypes. The American people are tired of the Democrats’ deceitful and misleading insults.

Where is EMILY’s List? Where is N.O.W.? Where are they?

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