Thoughts on the Oughts

I can, with ease, name about a dozen pastors who fell from grace and ran to grace in their recovery. They preached on the standards of faith, how to live both in faith and in life, and they failed to live up to the standards on which they preached.

“When one says all we need is grace … what that person is most likely really saying is that … they fell short and instead of getting back into the race … we should all just sit down together and let the finish line come to us”

One committed adultery. Another dabbled in porn. Another went into homosexuality. One developed a cult of personality around himself. The list goes on. Then there are the other people I know who also would have at one time struck many as “judgmental Christians” and, in falling from grace through a host of reasons they ran to grace and wrapped themselves around it as a shield.

They went from defining and trying to live the parameters of a Christian life to saying any mention of what the standards are or that someone fails to meet those standards is judging. It’s all about grace.

Then they sing these melodies of “just love them” and “just hug them” and “we are all sinners” and “God loves us no matter who we are.” That last one should be that God loves us despite who we are.

Some, to be sure, were never Christians to begin with, but do their best to pretend to be to pervert and corrupt the church from the inside, relying on the goodness and mercy of Christians to not call them out and relying on the modern church to not exercise discipline.

The common thread in all these falls from grace is that the pastor usually did not go through a real rehabilitation and restoration. In some cases, the pastor did not think he was in the wrong. One, in fact, was convinced that all the other pastors who ministered to him were wrong. Two thousand years of exegetical Biblical study as pastoral care were wrong and he was right in his mind. Another went through rehabilitation, but ministry was all he knew and he had to get back to it. So he threw himself into grace and all dogs go to Heaven and …read more    

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