Why does Obama’s crisis management suck?

obama crisis

An article in Business Week titled Obama Is Too Cool for Crisis Management (@JoshuaGreen) uses the administration’s management of the Ebola crisis, a crisis that is 100% the creation of the administration, to criticize how Obama has responded to the non-ending series of crises his administration has faced. Despite the title the article is generally positive. It blames the public for not understanding Obama. It blames Republicans for being big meanies. It blames the size of the job that stretches even the supernatural powers of a Lightworker.

It’s true that Obama’s task is made considerably more difficult by the antipathy that has marked the Republicans’ response to Ebola. Most seem more intent on stopping Democrats than on stopping the contagion. Their ads politicizing the virus have only added to the climate of fear. And their filibuster of Obama’s surgeon general nominee, Dr. Vivek Murthy, has also silenced an authoritative voice on public health, for reasons as small-minded as those dictating the party’s line on Ebola: They’re carrying water for the National Rifle Association, which objects to classifying gun violence as a public-health issue.

Even so, the failure is mostly Obama’s. It didn’t require extraordinary foresight to anticipate the public freakout once the infection spread beyond Duncan. Obama, who’s better acquainted with Washington dysfunction than anybody, should have anticipated the partisan acrimony. The crisis required more of him than he seemed to recognize. But he was hampered by the same things that have plagued him all along: a liberal technocrat’s excess of faith in government’s ability to solve problems and an unwillingness or inability to demonstrate the forcefulness Americans expect of their president in an emergency.

This is really too kind… and hogwash.

Nevertheless, this has prompted the ever subservient staff at The New Republic to ask Why Can’t the Media Give Obama Credit for Crisis Management? (@DannyVinik). Incredibly the author holds up the VA scandal and ISIS examples of just how well Obama manages crises if only his idiot colleagues in the media would just notice:

Green’s article criticizes Obama’s entire style of crisis management. (The piece is titled, “Obama Is Too Cool for Crisis Management.”) The White House has faced this critique frequently over the past year, from both the left and right, as it has rushed from one crisis to the next. Yet collectively, Obama’s responses to these numerous crises—from the scandal at Veteran Affairs hospital and the border crisis to …read more    

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