Against Nihilism – Election 2014 is About Everything

If Your One Vote Doesn’t Count Enough….

The Democrats want you to believe this is an election about nothing. They claim that they only kind of know who Barack Obama even is and do not completely support him. If I were a Democrat, I would to. They have exhausted their ideological momentum and have trespassed against the morals and freedoms of others while having nothing to offer the people except their continued august presence at taxpayer expense. An issue-driven election, or worse yet, a philosophy-driven election is an invitation for these Democrats to wind up on the Roman end of The Battle of Teutoburg Forest.

Therefore, you hear nihilism from the Progressive Cathedral’s Ministry of Information (AKA The WaPo). Aaron Blake tells us how silly and fatuous we are below.

Not only is the election about whatever a particular American thinks is important; it’s also kind of — and apologies to Seinfeld here — an election about nothing. Amid the jumble of timely issues, a funny thing actually happened: Almost all of them became less important to Americans.

Dan Balz tosses out every sort of Red Herring he can pull in from the net in support of the same hypothesis. He tells us to decide what it is about.

What is this election year about? Is it jobs and the economy? Immigration and the border crisis? Obamacare? Women’s health issues? The Veterans Affairs scandal? The minimum wage? A world in turmoil? The image of House Republicans? Anger toward Washington? Power?

Now these sagacious and perspicacious mandarins of conventional wisdom and all Known Facts™ are deliberately missing The Teutoberg Forest to stare intently at individual tress. There are no “Hot-Button” issues at work here because the emerging theme that drives the current projections of a large Democratic defeat tomorrow is a lot larger. The Americans are sick of both Progressives and Progressivism. To quote Agent Smith from The Matrix, they can taste its stink. They do not want the national culture to lionize freaks who sexually molest infants like The Lovely and Talented Lena Dunham.

Progressivism has long been rotting from within. Ernst Steinberg categorized it as a Purificationist Ideology held together by mutually shared execration. Progressivism dies a heat death without the fires of irrational hatred towards all non-Progressives. There always has to be an enemy. There …read more    

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