Brave Sir Robin And The Riots In Ferguson, MO

Equivocating While Ferguson Burned

The heavily-burdened Grand Jury has handed down a decision stating that they will not indict Officer Darren Wilson for any criminal wrongdoing in the shooting death of Michael Brown. That has regrettably caused a lot of very frustrated, angry and frightened people to take to the streets and riot. This has given cover to a number of professional radicals who look for any grievance, legitimate or contrived, as an opportunity to destroy property and ruin lives in the name of bringing down “The System.” The activities undertaken by our leaders, both elected and self-selected have been at least as criminal in their negligence as anything that either Darren Wilson or Michael Brown may have participated in on the fateful and tragic day of Mr. Brown’s death.

I blog here not to praise Caesar but to decry his lamentable absence. Our President, so sudden to grab for executive power when he thinks that he can gain from it, is completely, utterly and lamentably absent from situations where he could have a positive and ameliorative impact. He spent the days leading up to the riots telling the protesters to “stay on course.*” This implied that it could lead any place other than fiery ruin if they didn’t get their way. His speech after the verdict was released did nothing to quell the rioting or calm down aggrieved feelings. It was cowardly double-talk designed to say nothing while “saying something grand” in front of the cameras. When he could have helped prevent the riots; he once more voted “Present” instead of leading when leadership was hard.

Our Attorney General derides us as a nation of cowards, but then obsequiously kowtows to radicals who seek any pretense to damage our society for the sake of watching it burn. As 25 structural fires were being set in the city of Ferguson, Eric Holder informed us that Federal prosecutors were still looking into the shooting of Michael Brown. That will be of great comfort and succor to the old man who was carjacked and run over at a local pizza joint during the riots.

Only Governor Jay Nixon took any steps at all to protect the personal property and public safety of Ferguson, MO civilians and he was rewarded by the possible sabotage and very real contempt …read more    

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