Deviancy is the New Decency & It Isn’t Just Kardashian’s Ass

The last thing I ever wanted to do in my professional career is talk about Kim Kardashian. Actually, let me correct that … the very last thing I ever wanted to do in my life is talk about Kim Kardashian’s bare naked ass. Yet here I am. This week the world was exposed to the oiled up rear end of a Reality TV star whose celebrity roots can be traced back to a sex tape in which Kim Kardashian, owner of the aforementioned greased gluteus, was literally pissed upon. And though I have resisted the urge to engage in this subject, in the end I felt compelled that I must.

We live in an period of time that has rejected the standards of our predecessors, not only the founders of our nation, their prude social mores and concepts of liberty and order, but also the wisdom passed down through time by the Jewish and Christian faiths. Instead our time has seen the elevation of the most base desires of the flesh as the ultimate freedom and equality.

With that in mind it really isn’t a huge shock to see the equine-esque images of a shameless “celebrity” baring the one guaranteed paycheck she has. Pornography of this sort has been present in this world since the fall of man, and nothing I write today is going to change that fact.

Our society once had the good sense to ensure this type of behavior was relegated to the shadows, only appearing in the margins and quickly being shamed by society when made public. But as I said above, today we elevate these acts and even champion the perverts who commit them.

Just recently we were given the example of Lena Dunham. This is another celebrity who has made her career serving the base desires of man, and …. Surprise! She molested her little sister. To be clear, Lena Dunham claimed to molest her little sister in her own book. To the average person, this is beyond disgusting. For Dunham and her acolytes? This was Heroic. Not the molestation, mind you, but the fact that she proudly wrote about it. It used to be that the victim was made the hero by telling her story, in our new age it is the child molester who is hoisted upon the shoulders of the adoring crowds while Angels weep.

Another example is Jennifer Lawrence. While Lawrence didn’t share nude …read more    

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