Gov. Walker: ‘I care deeply about not only my state, but my country’

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker – the only governor who has to win elections on an annual basis – appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this weekend to talk about his 2014 victory and the 2016 presidential race – a contest in which many consider him a top contender after his 2014 win. He was vague about his presidential ambitions, of course… but vague in a very interesting way about whether he’d run if Wisconsin Senator Paul Ryan got into the race. His answer to that question didn’t yield any ground on Walker’s contention that governors make the best choices for presidential candidates, although he graciously conceded that “Paul Ryan may be the only exception to that rule.”

Or maybe not. At this point in the pre-primary maneuvering season, everyone’s presidential Magic 8-Ball comes up Answer cloudy, ask again later, but of course the media never tires of shaking those 8-Balls, because that’s how the game is played. Everyone wants to be on the other side of the interview table on the day someone major says, “You know what? Yes, I AM running for President!”

Walker sounded a bit less cloudy than most aspirants at this stage of the contest. “I love Paul Ryan. I’ve said many times before I’d be the president of Paul Ryan fan club,” he gushed… before gently closing off his praise spigot with a big, squeaky BUT. “But I do think if we’re going to beat Hillary Clinton in this next election, we’ve got to have a message that says, ‘Hillary Clinton is all about Washington.’ I think in many ways, she was the big loser on Tuesday because she embodies everything that’s wrong with Washington.”

That’s exactly what Senator Rand Paul has been saying, so it looks like Republican presidential hopefuls are getting on the same page with regard to who The Biggest Loser of 2014 was. Walker went on to emphasize that a governor-turned-Presidential-candidate could offer “something fresh, organic, from the bottom up” instead of the “old, tired, top-down approach you see out of Washington, D.C.”

The rest of Walker’s “Meet the Press” interview found him capably fielding the sort of questions he’ll get if he walks onto the presidential stage holding his gubernatorial resume. He seems to have done a good job of anticipating attacks on his record and preparing sound defenses. (It helps a …read more    

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