Help The Poor. Block the Amnesty

He Works For Nobody Else In America

There are people out there who genuinely appreciate all that President Obama has done since he found the American crown adrift in the gutter back in 2008. The TaxProf blog explains who these fortunate individuals are below.

12,040 new ultra high net worth (UHNW) individuals were minted this year, pushing the global UHNW population to a record 211,275, a 6% increase from 2013. The combined wealth of the world’s UHNW individuals – defined as those with US$30 million and above in net assets – increased by 7% to US$29.725 trillion in 2014, almost twice the GDP of the world’s largest economy, the United States.

It was in the interest of all of his newly-minted billionaire buddies that the president chose to act decisively on immigration and legalize 5 million individuals who came to the United States illegally. The President explains his latest act of corporate welfare below.

Administration officials estimate approximately 5 million people could apply for temporary protected status that would require a background check and hefty application fees. Those eligible could legally work in the United States for up to three years. Because Obama’s administrative changes can be erased by the next president, advocates believe many who are eligible will think long and hard before stepping forward. Lifting some existing DACA restrictions will make 270,000 more people eligible for enforcement discretion under Obama’s waivers. Including undocumented parents of children who are U.S. citizens or legal residents opens the door to another 4 million people, according to the administration.

Barack Obama’s editorial Cheerleader Paul Krugman, makes an argument that we should appreciate this as a humane initiative. He explains that we are doing for the children.

First, there are more than a million young people in this country who came — yes, illegally — as children and have lived here ever since. Second, there are large numbers of children who were born here — which makes them U.S. citizens, with all the same rights you and I have — but whose parents came illegally, and are legally subject to being deported. What should we do about these people and their families? There are some forces in our political life who want us to bring out the iron fist — to seek out and deport young residents who weren’t born here but have never known another home, to seek …read more    

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