Obama doubles down on Iranian failure

Yesterday the P5+1 group (5 permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany) negotiating with Iran over its nuclear weapons program announced in would make another deadline extension, this one of seven months:

A yearlong effort to reach an enduring accord with Iran to dismantle large parts of its nuclear infrastructure fell short on Monday, forcing the United States and its allies to declare a seven-month extension, but with no clear indication of why they think they can ultimately overcome the political obstacles that have so far blocked a deal.

The failure to agree even on the framework for a comprehensive deal, after extended high-level diplomacy over an issue that was arguably President Obama’s top foreign policy priority, had to be a disappointment for the administration.

This is a fools errand and makes the US look foolish. China and Russia are actively helping Iran avoid economic sanctions. France would sell its mother to an Armenian whoremonger if it resulted in new business for French oligopolies. In his statement, John Kerry said:

And I would say to those who are skeptical, those who wonder whether we should rush ahead down a different course, I believe the United States and our partners have earned the benefit of the doubt at this point. Many were quick to say that the Joint Plan of Action would be violated; it wouldn’t hold up, it would be shredded. Many said that Iran would not hold up its end of the bargain. Many said that the sanctions regime would collapse. But guess what? The interim agreement wasn’t violated. Iran has held up its end of the bargain, and the sanctions regime has remained intact.

In its best light, this statement is so delusional that Kerry should be on medication. At its worst, Kerry is lying about an issue of immense national security importance and knows he is doing so.

Kerry’s statement relies upon two interconnected idea. First, that the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) actually freezes Iran’s nuclear program if Iran is complaint with agreement and, secondly, that Iran is actually complying with its obligations. For instance:

  • Under the JPOA, Iran had pledged to freeze its centrifuge activity at its Natanz research facility. The IAEA noted that Iran was feeding uranium hexafluoride gas into it’s centrifuges at Natanz. The Iranian …read more    

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