Rose Eveleth and the #Bossy Westboro Feminists


Having solved all the world’s real problems, the rabid feminists of the world are now on a jihad to eradicate wrong thinking.

Over the past few weeks a few notable things have happened on this front.

In late October, some chick in New York City tried to use street theater to make a point. She walked around downtown New York for allegedly 10 hours and had the times she was catcalled recorded on video tape

Someone logged in the calls at 108, about one every six minutes. I have a low threshold of boredom but it isn’t low enough to validate the count.There was a certain delicious irony as the leftwingers who wanted to talk about the totally beastly behavior of men suddenly had to talk about their own implicit racism in video taping black and Hispanic men… who can’t, by definition, be anything other than an oppressed class.

“The fact that the video chooses to showcase the experience of a white woman experiencing harassment almost exclusively at the hands of black and Latino men,” Brooklyn Magazine’s Kristin Iverson proposed earlier this week, “is a pretty clear indication of who the audience for this video is supposed to be, namely, those who seek to protect and defend innocent white women, aka the already existing societal power structure.” This theme was picked up in more explicit terms elsewhere, the less direct references to the “power structure” quickly giving way to overt accusations of white supremacy. “Thousands of satisfied racists are sharing that viral catcalling video,” griped Lindy West at the Daily Dot, lamenting that its creators had imposed “manipulative, specific, politicized constraints on the issue of street harassment” and thereby permitted “the bulk of the audience to divorce themselves from the problem.” Yesterday, the Root’s Dion Rabouin dispensed with euphemism entirely, confirming that “some of the video’s intentional choices seem to play on the Birth of a Nation trope that white women simply aren’t safe from sex-crazed black and brown men.” How that’s for a thumb in the eye for the millions who shared the spot on their Facebook pages?

This week TIME Magazine (yes, it is still out there, I was surprised, too) conducted a poll of the word people most wanted banished. Hilariously, “feminist” was winning by a substantial margin when TIME got a case of the heebie-jeebies and pulled “feminist” out of the contest when #Bossy feminists got upset:

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