Sola Civitas: The Left Favors the State Over the People in Ferguson

Michael Brown was a thief. He had used drugs, robbed a store, punched a cop, then the cop fatally shot him. Those are the facts.

To the left, that Officer Wilson was not found guilty of killing Michael Brown was an outrage. It was an outrage too when George Zimmerman was found not guilty of killing Trayvon Martin.

Essentially, the left is opposed to the people and instead prefers left-wing Democrats to the citizenry in our democratic form of government. When a jury of peers, whether a petit jury or grand jury, does not see things the way the left sees things, the system has failed, the people are stupid, and the result is an injustice.

The Grand Jury that decided not to charge Officer Wilson with a crime was made up of individuals who were chosen and empaneled while Michael Brown was still alive. They could not have foreseen the events. They are not elected officials, but private citizens who are called upon by the government to serve in a capacity on behalf of their fellow citizens.

Their role is to exam the facts of crimes in a system heavily weighted toward prosecution of crimes. They weigh those facts and balance them with laws enacted by legislators outlining the parameters by which crimes are defined. If the facts do not measure up, there is no indictment.

The private citizens who gave up their time to become intimately familiar with the facts of the case and who interviewed all the witnesses and reviewed all the physical evidence are now being second guessed by armchair liberal pundits who want Officer Wilson charged. The left is now pushing a new line that Darren Wilson’s testimony just does not make sense. They ignore that the Grand Jury treated Darren Wilson’s testimony as that of a man trying to avoid an indictment. They weighed it less than other eyewitnesses and physical testimony.

But the left does not trust the private citizenry of the United States. They want to control what we eat, how we live, our doctor-patient relationships, and every other aspect of our lives. They favor massive bureaucracies of technocrats to the people.

From Obamacare to school lunches to big gulps to Ferguson, MO, the left thinks it must control the processes of our lives and, when the citizens deviate from what they want, the citizenry must …read more    

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