The Democrat-Academia junk science axis digs in

junk science

Perhaps the most frightening thing to the Democrats and their allies in academia about the change of control in the Congress is the possibility that their junk science gravy train will be shut down. The Democrats have long used junk science, produced by the various academic equivalents of Jerry Sandusky, in order to shape the debate and form policies for reordering American society.

The war over science is heating up on Capitol Hill.

GOP House members have had little success reining in research agencies so far, but, emboldened by their growing majorities, they’re hoping for better luck next year. They plan to push proposals to cut funding for global warming and social science research, put strict new rules on the National Science Foundation’s grant-making process and overhaul how science informs policy making at the EPA.

At the same time, however, researchers and their advocates in the Democratic caucus are taking increasingly aggressive stances of their own: Rather than answer GOP objections one by one, or brush them off, they’re making a larger issue of what they see as heavy-handed interference based on ideology rather than methodology.

What is brewing, contra the article’s trolling title, is not a war on science but rather an effort to establish accountability to science funded by the US government.

The community of academic researchers, though it tries to portray itself as disinterested advocates for truth, are predominantly progressives who are in equal parts duplicitous in the shaping of research to agree with their policy preferences and greedy opportunists who want to use federal seed money to make them rich and famous. At a minimum the attitude in the scientific research community is that the rules simply don’t apply to them because: science. For instance, it wasn’t until 2005 that NIH scientists had to observe the same rules on their financial dealings as mere mortals. It wasn’t until 2008 that research conducted via federal grants had to be placed in the public domain, bringing scientific research under the same rules as any other product developed with federal funds.

My colleague Dan McLaughlin has done all the hard work in documenting how the left uses junk science produced by left wing researchers to bulldoze any opposition to their policies. What Dan cites is merely the tip of the iceberg.

One of the core principles of science is that the results must be reproducible. In order to reproduce the results the …read more    

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