The Democrats’ Obama Problem

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Democrats began telling themselves demography is destiny back in 1968 after Richard Nixon’s election. They have been saying it ever since. That day may eventually arrive, but today is not that day. They may also believe they are a permanent party, but history is filled with Ozymandias like permanence.

Last Tuesday’s voter turnout should not give the Democrats the comfort they have taken from it. As should now be obvious, the Democrats have no coalition of their own. It is controlled by the very man who, the day after Curb-Stomp 2014, went on national television to stomp his feet in retaliation, rhetorically show voters his middle finger, and behave generally like a petulant man-child. Democrats have a Barack Obama problem.

Republicans, now making kissy-face with Democrats and pledging “to work together,” should tread carefully. Most anyone who worked too closely with Barack Obama in the past few years has suffered the fate of the dodo bird — hunted mercilessly to extinction. At least twenty-five Senate Democrats who voted for the President’s healthcare plan now have the title “former” preceding their title “Senator.”

From Massachusetts to Maryland to Illinois and more, pundits who two years ago cheerful described the Republican Party as a “regional party” mostly in the South, had to bitterly and through gritted teeth admit a crimson wave swept the country. It started, interestingly enough, in Guam. Fifteen or so hours before the polls began closing domestically, that American territory saw Republicans capture it. The tsunami only grew as it began making landfall in Maine. Most commentators expected Republican Governor LePage to lose. He did not.

In Florida, where virtually every poll showed Charlie Crist would take back the Governor’s Mansion, Governor Rick Scott held on forcing Crist and his oscillating fan to find a new wind direction. The savage destruction of the Democrats leave that party in the fetal position mumbling their safe words, “demography” and “turnout.” One word that is no longer safe is “Obama.”

The day after the election, President Obama’s press conference descended into farce. He declared he will do what he wants, veto what he does not want, and will work with the Republicans only to the extent they do what he wants. A man who has been given everything in life on a silver platter, cannot be expected …read more    

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