The “Romney 2016″ Talk Needs to Stop Now

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The seemingly endless speculation about Mitt Romney’s prospects in 2016 needs to stop. He’s gotten more press coverage than any Republican who has already lost one general election loser in recent memory, and need I remind you, that general election loss was against what was supposed to be a historically weak incumbent President. Even so, the lessons of history seem to be lost on the chattering classes.

Given Romney’s establishment credentials and his electoral lack of credentials, it should be no surprise that we can count the mainstream media among the most prominent voices pushing for another run. The National Journal sums it up well:

Politicos are abuzz with talk of a third Mitt Romney presidential run. The former Massachusetts governor is the second-most-written-about would-be candidate in the GOP, according to a Pew Research Center report released Tuesday.

Pew surveyed 15 top newspapers, including TheNew York Times, TheWashington Post, TheDenver Post and TheTampa Bay Times, for stories focusing on specific candidates’ possible 2016 bids.

I expect this sort of attention from them. After all, we know about their bias. It’s the conservative commentators pushing his candidacy that I expect to know better. National Reivew‘s pro-Romney leanings are so well known that “NRO” in some circles is said to stand for “National Romney Online”, and they’ve lost no time pushing him for 2016. In an article that appeared on Monday, Myra Adams tries to build a case for Romney against Hillary two years from now, but even she acknowledges his shortcomings:

The former Massachusetts governor could be thought of as a safety net that a polarized GOP hopes never to use but is sure glad to have in reserve. He’s a potential compromise candidate all sides could live with though no one is thrilled about.

The case she tries to build seems to hinge on the fact that Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton are similar in many ways. Both are multi-millionaires, both will be 69 in 2016, both were rejected by their parties in 2008, both are “rock stars” in their parties*, and both are decrying Obama’s policies. Adams doesn’t mention it, but both Romney and Clinton have their names attached to government takeovers of healthcare, even if Hillarycare flamed out before it could be enacted.

Let me ask you, is “He’s a lot like Hillary Clinton!” an argument that makes any conservative feel enthusiastic about a candidate? The problem with articles like …read more    

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