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Welcome to The Vine, where every week I strive to bring you updates from around the pro-life community to help you keep up with the ever constant battle to save lives. If you aren’t plugged-in, it is my sincere hope that The Vine will allow you to get familiar with those on the front lines and find your place among them.

40 Days for Life officially came to an end Sunday, with a known total of 546 lives saved! It was an incredible journey, full of stories from across the country that give hope in the battle to save unborn children. In his final report, Campaign Director Shawn Carney asks pro lifers to consider, “Could this happen in your town?”

With the news that many college students are now supporting infanticide, it would appear spreading the truth about the sanctity of life has become more important than ever. Reported at The College Fix, pro-life leaders say they are speaking to “people who think it is morally acceptable to kill babies after birth on a regular basis at almost every campus” they visit. Says Kristina Garza, spokeswoman for Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust:

There is this notion that is common on campus, that it’s OK to kill babies because somehow we don’t become human until we are self aware.

A common number that is going around is 4 years old.

Has society really devalued life so much that even killing toddlers has become acceptable? The scary support of infanticide was echoed last weekend on Twitter when actress Ellen Barkin declared that life begins when a person can talk. Detailed at Twitchy, Barkin (who, no surprise, supports Wendy Davis) tweeted, “News flash…a fetus cannot talk. It is not a person. Not even a baby, not even an infant. Nope. Sorry.” No wonder students are confused.

Adding to the societal confusion over what is and isn’t acceptable, Planned Parenthood friend and supporter Lena Dunham was recently outed at Truth Revolt for admitting in her book, Not That Kind of Girl, that she sexually abused her younger sister while they were growing up. To date, Planned Parenthood has not spoken out against Dunham’s behavior and have been participating in her book tour. Continuing her negative influence on the country’s youth, Dunham also hopes to adapt a children’s …read more    

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