Through the Looking Glass with Charles Blow


In case you did not know (and judging by their subscription numbers, you probably didn’t), the New York Times keeps on staff a man named Charles Blow, who essentially functions as the id of Barack Obama. If you ever want to know what Obama is thinking deep down in the areas of his mind where his essential emotions lie, so far down that he cannot access even marginally talented rhetoric or persuasive powers, Charles Blow is perennially here to help you. And so if you were baffled by Obama’s bizarre presser yesterday and would like to know what he really thinks about the drubbing he received on Tuesday, it might be helpful to read Charles Blow’s latest offering, to understand how a person who is probably under the influence of hallucinogens of some sort and definitely under completely unjustified delusions of intellectual superiority views the post-election world.

First of all, in case you did not know, Blow/Obama think America is mostly filled with rubes and idiots:

Candidates adopted a faux rustic aura, like a strip mall Olive Garden. The campaigns were savvy in their simplicity: anti-Obama, anti-Washington. Republicans damaged the Obama brand as best they could, then attached all Democratic candidates to it.

* * *

The nearly dimwitted, Goober-esque affectations came together with an ocean of dark money in a midterm where the map and the math already favored them to give Democrats a drubbing.

In other words, problem number one with America as seen from the perspective of Blow/Obama is that Americans are still bitterly clinging to their guns and religion with a little more fervor than one might have hoped, even after 6 years of the glorious Obama era.

For all that people criticized Bush for the way he walked with a “swagger” and for the way he allegedly suffered from “epistemic closure,” we can clearly see now that Bush didn’t genuinely think he was better than average Americans. So when he was chastised in 2006 at the ballot box, he mostly went underground and quietly served out the rest of his term with a low profile. Obama, on the other hand, clearly does. And one truth about people who genuinely think they are better than other people is that it is really hard for them to even fake humility. Credit to Blow/Obama for not even trying.

The second problem, according to Blow/Obama, is that Republicans ran on fear and Democrats ran on …read more    

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