USA Today Reporter Susan Davis gets a bad rap

Many of us have been aware of the travails of former CBS reporter Sharyl Atkisson who had her reporting on Fast & Furious suppressed by her employer because it got perilously close to the truth of the matter. A new batch of documents turned over to Judicial Watch pursuant to a court order shows us the extent to which Atkisson was drawing blood at the upper levels of the lawless Department of Justice. For instance, this response to one of Atkisson’s reports:

This makes it obvious that the administration’s lackeys in Justice were not content to simply press their case with a reporter, if a reporter displeased them then they went after your livelihood. This, of course, goes hand-in-glove with what we know of how GE’s Jeffrey Immelt used his power to ruin the careers of reporters at NBC and CNBC to make them go easy on Obama and Obamacare.

As part of this document dump another name came to light: Susan Davis, who at the time covered Congress for National Journal and now works for USA Today:

Here we see that Justice is prepping Davis with derogatory information on Republican Congressman Darrell Issa who chaired the committee investigating Fast & Furious. The linkage between Fast & Furious coverage and a intended planted media hit on Mr. Issa is pretty obvious when the context of the email exchange is examined.

A lot of people have jumped, justifiably to the conclusion that Davis was a willing ally of the administration in its long running attempt to protect Holder by discrediting Issa. This perception is bolstered by the fact that Davis’s profile of Issa has disappeared from the internet. (more on that in a bit)

So what did Susan Davis write about Darrell Issa? Let’s go to T. Becket Adams of the Washington Examiner:

A USA Today reporter on Friday pushed back on suggestions she coordinated with White House and Justice Department officials in 2011 to “target” House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., challenging comments made earlier this week by the president of right-leaning watchdog group.

Susan Davis, who reported for National Journal at the time of the supposed “targeting,” told the Washington Examiner: “In 2011, I was assigned a profile by my then employer National Journal. I spoke to many sources in the course of reporting the story, including Darrell Issa. Neither the White …read more    

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