Chuck Hagel and Ashton Carter: profiles in irrelevancy


Obama, having finished trolling conservatives with a rumor he was going to appoint Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson as Secretary of Defense, is almost certainly going to nominate Ashton Carter to that position. (This is not to be confused with Ashton Kutcher who was offered the job but decided it would take away from quality time with Mila Kunis.) The country has done much worse in that position, see, for instance, Chuck Hagel. Carter has an extensive history at Defense and its periphery.

Carter will be nominally involved in the war with ISIS, (or to quote a previous administration, this is the moral equivalent of war, abbreviated MEOW) but everyone knows that will be mismanaged by the clutch of biddies who run America’s foreign and defense policy under Obama. His real job will be gutting the US military and making it more friendly to various sexual perversions. But he is well acquainted with failure and irrelevancy, having been involved in the efforts to keep the North Koreans and Iranians from acquiring nuclear weapons, and this experience will serve him in good stead in his new position.

In fact, the most damning thing I’ve seen on Carter is that during his time in college, in 1975 when he was a junior, he wrote some pieces for his college paper that were…. hang on to your hat… critical of the CIA. (I’m not providing a link because I don’t make a habit of encouraging the easily excited… you can find the article via Google if you want it…)

Ashton Carter wrote two anti-CIA articles for his college newspaper in 1975, has learned.

Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense’s anti-CIA views are particularly relevant now that he may have control over the Defense Department, the nation’s largest intelligence gathering body.

Writing for the Yale Daily News, Carter argued that the CIA is “effectively, just the dirty tricks branch of our intelligence effort.”

Decrying “militarism” the future would be defense secretary concluded that the CIA’s covert, destabilizing “Dirty tricks have to go and the CIA must be reformed.”

“Most of the so-called ‘dirty tricks’–paramilitary operations, assassinations, coups, and other invidious invasions of the rights of foreign states–is left to the CIA,” Carter wrote.

If this is now disqualifying you need to basically ban anyone over the age of maybe 50 from public office. Hell, I’ll bet this guy smoked dope and maybe even got drunk, too. It has …read more    

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