God and Family

Yesterday, I finished my first semester of seminary. Thanks to so many of you for your prayers. A lot of people cautioned me when I started to be careful not to lose my faith. I’m not sure what seminaries they went to, but my faith has been well served by spending time in seminary.

As I told my wife, I have found my tribe.

Examining passages of the Bible I’ve read before, but in more depth, has really been eye opening. I put off this journey for two years, but after more and more requests to get in churches and preach and not feeling comfortable doing so, I finally decided I need to get serious. I spend a lot of time here and on radio talking about faith issues and I think seminary is helping provide a deeper understanding.

I’m also now more willing to accept invitations into churches on Sunday. I finally feel up to it and competent.

There is one observation from my first semester that I want to draw your attention to. And before I get all sorts of secular outrage, let me be up front that I’m only writing to those of you of faith. And I’ll give you the conclusion before even starting: if you want to build a better America, build a better family. If you want to build a better family, build a better church.

I have concluded, from this first semester, that being a better Christian is, for me, the key to being a better American. If you’ll allow me, let’s go back to near the beginning.

In the sixth chapter of Genesis, we are introduced to Noah. He is found blameless in God’s eyes. Note that this does not mean Noah is sinless. Noah is, in fact, a sinner. But he stands out from the rest of humanity as righteous. He tries to do what is right in God’s eyes with all humanity around him doing what is right in their own eyes.

God tells Noah to build an ark. Interestingly, note that he tells Noah to build the ark before even telling Noah how it is to be used. In any event, God tells Noah to build the ark and pay attention to Genesis 6:18:

But I will establish my covenant with you, and you shall come into the …read more    

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