Gun control and the folly of abstract politics

Charles C.W. Cooke at National Review labels this PSA “the worst anti-gun commercial in the history of the United States.” It’s more like a public disservice announcement, seeing as how it encourages children to commit multiple felony offenses. I think I’d go so far as to rank it among the worst examples of issue advocacy ever produced, right up there with the classic Church of Global Warming ad that depicted the heads of people who questioned climate-change dogma exploding into clouds of blood and bone, including the heads of children. Both ads are propelled by a comparable mixture of absolute righteousness and boneheaded ignorance; a pure loathing of dissent coupled with very thin knowledge of the issue these activists claim to be so passionate about.

Let me give Mr. Cooke the floor for a moment to dismantle this idiocy. He begins by noting that the child’s actions violate the most basic tenets of gun safety, and then gets into the felonies:

Moreover, in the course of his little ploy, the kid breaks pretty much every law on the books. He takes a gun out of his house (not only is this felony burglary, but he’s not old enough to carry a firearm in public); he then takes that gun into a school(that’s against federal and state law); and, finally, he transfers it to a teacher without a background check, thereby breaking the very rule that progressives tell us is necessary to keep us all safe from gun violence. And for what, pray? Typically, anti-gun commercials focus in on a specific safety issue: a lack of trigger locks, or background checks, or safe-storage, for example. This one seems to feature a child who is saying, “I don’t want any guns in the house at all.” This absolute approach is extreme, even for today’s class of wildly incompetent control freaks. Worse, perhaps, the child seems to believe that the public school system exists as a general service that he might use if he wishes to deprive his parents of their constitutional rights — an implication, let’s say, that is unlikely to win many converts.

This sort of foolishness is partially a result of gun-control zealots knowing far less about firearms than the defenders of gun rights do. It’s an abstract issue for the gun control crowd, but it’s concrete and real to gun owners, and those who take …read more    

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