Hillary Clinton moves to lock up the white working class vote

As Hillary Clinton tools up for making a show of running for the Democrat nomination for president in 2016, the salient question remains who, exactly, is going to vote for her? I mean other than the aging, hirsute, hippie lesbian demographic. While this locks in a significant swath of Hollywoood and the news media it is not sufficient to create a second Clinton presidency. For Hillary to win she needs to make inroads among white and working class voters which abandoned the Democrats in droves in 2010 and nearly killed themselves running away from the Democrat brand in 2014:

Hillary Clinton’s support of deferred deportation of millions of undocumented workers might help the Democratic Party’s putative presidential nominee win over Latinos in 2016. But among the voters most responsible for the Democrats’ midterm wipeout this year, it could very well make things worse—and therein lies Clinton’s dilemma.

Support for Democrats among white, working-class voters was especially sparse this year: A measly 34 percent of them backed Democratic House candidates, exit polls found, while they fled in almost equal measure from Senate candidates like Rep. Bruce Braley (D-IA)Heritage ActionScorecardRep. Bruce Braley4%House Democrat AverageSee Full Scorecard4% in Iowa and incumbent Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Mark Udall0%Senate Democrat AverageSee Full Scorecard0% in Colorado. Democrats still performed relatively well among black and Hispanic voters, but the deficit among whites without a college degree—who constituted more than one-third of the nationwide electorate—was too much to overcome.

One of the central challenges facing a Clinton campaign will be managing to win back enough of those voters, especially in a working-class-heavy battleground like Iowa. But as her quick support of deferred deportations shows, she’ll have to do so while also motivating black, young, and Latino voters who formed the core of President Obama’s coalition in 2008 and 2012.

Hillary, as a matter of culture, is a tabula rasa. She has no real affinity for any part of American society beyond her own ample butt and so feels free to appropriate cultural archetypes in pursuit of personal aggrandizement whenever the mood hits. She survives because she is a Democrat, because she is a Clinton, and because her supporters control the upper reaches of most news media. Can you imagine a white Republican …read more    

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