Obama very concerned about murder of NYC cops

Barack Obama

Via the Twitter timeline of some guy at BuzzFeed

Obama briefed on shooting of two NYPD officers in Brooklyn, per WH poorer. pic.twitter.com/VyCrcUwyBF

— Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) December 21, 2014

From his first days in office, Barack Obama has made it one of his objectives to use race relations as a wedge for political purposes. It started with the beer summit and it has metastasized in the worst possible way in the wake of the shooting in Ferguson and the choking in Staten Island.

Personally, I think that out of control law enforcement is more of a danger to our civil liberties than the action of any guy who robs a convenience store or sells single cigarettes. I’ve said that numerous times and I’ll say it again. This robo-policing is not an Obama phenomenon. It is a War on Drugs phenomenon and it has been obvious to all but the most willfully blind since Ruby Ridge and Waco.

What happened in NYC, however, has nothing to do with out of control cops. What happened in NYC was cold blooded, pre-meditated murder of two police officers who were minding their own business. What happened in NYC is a function of what happens when politicians… in this case the most prominent being Barack Obama and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio but their name is legion… join forces with hard core racists like Al Sharpton to whip up outrage for political purposes and use policemen and policewomen as the target of two minutes of hate. The two police officers gunned down were not involved in the apprehension of a criminal, they were gunned down as part of a scheme for revenge hatched in the mind of a violent man who was egged on by the actions of major figures in NYC and the nation.

Obama golfing while this situation is happening is crappy atmospherics for any president. Obama, who is so wedded to the perquisites of office that the substance of the office is irrelevant, has long ago dropped any pretense about his priorities. What makes this worse is that he bears some responsibility for the street protests and reacted with studied indifference:

Obama did not endorse or praise the official investigations into the two killings. Instead he sought to harness African-Americans’ anger. “The problem is not just a Ferguson problem, it is an American problem. And we’ve got to make sure that we …read more    

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