Obama’s foreign policy enters 12-step program

One of the axioms for anyone entering a twelve-step program such as that pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous is that first the participant must have hit rock bottom

The concept of rock bottom is important in the 12 steps and treatment in general because it serves as a touch stone and a reminder. Addicts and alcoholics are very good at altering the world they see to match up with what they wish it were. Without an end-of-the line in clear view, it’s very easy to pretend things are better than they are – or that they won’t continue to get worse if left to themselves.

Ladies and gentlemen we are there. When hackers, identified by the FBI (aka F-ing Bunch of Idiots in a lot of circles) as being based in North Korea, sucked Sony’s digital record trove dry Obama promised to respond:

President Obama said on Friday that the United States “will respond proportionally” against North Korea for its destructive cyberattacks on Sony Pictures, but he criticized the Hollywood studio for giving in to intimidation when it withdrew “The Interview,” the satirical movie that provoked the attacks, before it opened.

Deliberately avoiding specific discussion of what kind of steps he was planning against the reclusive nuclear-armed state, Mr. Obama said that the response would come “in a place and time and manner that we choose.” Speaking at a White House news conference before leaving for Hawaii for a two-week vacation, he said American officials “have been working up a range of options” that he said have not yet been presented to him.

What does Obama do?

The Obama administration has sought China‘s help in recent days in blocking North Korea‘s ability to launch cyberattacks, the first steps toward the “proportional response” President Obama vowed to make the North pay for the assault on Sony Pictures — and as part of a campaign to issue a broader warning against future hacking, according to senior administration officials.

“What we are looking for is a blocking action, something that would cripple their efforts to carry out attacks,” one official said.

So far, the Chinese have not responded. Their cooperation would be critical, since virtually all of North Korea’s telecommunications run through Chinese-operated networks.

It is unclear that China would choose to …read more    

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