Our Christmas Wish For You and Yours

This column first appeared in the December issue of Townhall Magazine.

As the year winds down and our thoughts turn toward time with family and friends, our thoughts at RedState are on you, our readers. Whether we reach you through this magazine, online at redstate.com, via the Erick’s ubiquitous Morning Briefing, or on our twitter feed or Facebook page, we value you and your interaction with us. RedState has one of the most dynamic, engaged readerships in the political world. We are only effective because you so often answer the call and hold your elected officials accountable throughout the year but especially at the ballot box.

Following are some thoughts we have from this year and looking forward to the next. Happy Holidays.

Setbacks and Steps Forward

Anyone following politics knows the conservative movement has had a few setbacks in this election cycle. Be not afraid. Less covered in the media are our significant steps forward, the elections won with good strategy and great candidates. There will be more of this to come. Keep the faith and stay tuned.

RedState Gathering

Please give some serious thought to making time in your Summer schedule to attend the RedState Gathering in Atlanta from August 6-9. If you are alum of previous Gatherings and already registered, we are deeply grateful. We anticipate most if not all of the 2016 Presidential aspirants will attend. They want your early support and we are working to ensure they earn it.

2015…we mean 2016

Speaking of aspirants for that highest office, there are elements that are frustrating about the fact that our Presidential politics begin so much earlier these days. President Ronald Reagan announced his candidacy less than a year before he was elected. President Obama declared almost two years prior. You can expect that candidates for the Republican nomination will begin announcing their intentions soon after the New Year, perhaps even immediately after the mid-term election results are known.

There will be plenty of candidates in the field. This is a good thing. Do not believe the mainstream media and liberal pundits when they tell you that competition will weaken the eventual candidate against the Hillary Clinton coronation machine. Pay close attention to the candidate’s positions on issues. Use social media to promote the candidate that inspires you. If you happen to live in a state that doesn’t get a lot of media attention, anywhere outside Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, raise your …read more    

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