The Cruz-Lee point of order and why the GOP establishment thinks you are an idiot

In the wake of the passage of CRomnibus –on the strength of GOP votes – the GOP leadership in Congress and the GOP establishment has been working overtime to rough up Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Utah Senator Mike Lee. A lot of the GOP is miffed that they have to serve alongside men of principle, this produces a Devil-Holy Water effect. They also realize based on the government shutdown… an act I’d contend mobilized the GOP base to come out and deliver a beating to the Democrats in November… and the forced vote on the Constitutionality of the Obama’s executive action on immigration (21 Republican senators agreed with the premise that Obama’s actions were constitutional)… the leadership is panicked about the Hell the next Congress will be for them as they try to feed the pigs at the trough, accommodate the Chamber of Commerce on amnesty, and give Obama whatever he wants all the while trying to convince conservatives that they are actually putting up a fight. This is hard with a caucus moving in lockstep. With a handful of men like Cruz and Lee it becomes nearly impossible.

The story being pushed is this, that Cruz and Lee pushing for their vote on the Constitutionality of Obama’s amnesty directive resulted in boodles of Obama nominees being confirmed. To believe this claim three things have to occur:

  • You have to believe Harry Reid was going to let the nominations lapse and put them in the hands of the next, Republican controlled, Senate.
  • You have to believe Harry Reid and his staff have never heard of a calendar.
  • You have to be an idiot (this, you’ll find, makes it much easier to believe what the GOP leadership in the House and Senate are selling).

The nominations were going to be voted on

With Reid’s enactment of the “nuclear option” the possibility of filibustering these nominees was off the table. As the Democrats have a majority in the Senate it is pretty obvious that, absent a procedural coup which is impossible as the scheduling and rule making apparatus is in Reid’s hands, the nominees were going to be approved.

Moreover, we know that Reid and McConnell had arrived at a deal to guarantee a vote on the nominees before the Senate adjourned:

A senior Democratic aide said brokering a deal with McConnell on what will pass in the lame-duck period is possible if the GOP leader …read more    

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